Double Eyelid Surgery

Heritably, almost half of the Asians are born with swelling or single eyelids that make the eyes look dull. Presently, there are two common ways, namely suturing and surgical treatment, to shape these eyelids into natural and lasting double ones. Our medical practitioners will recommend a professional and safe treatment depending on the patient’s skin status, age, expectation and other factors.

The process requires no incision. Instead, it forms a double eyelid by burying a fine-suture on the eyelid connecting the levator muscle with the skin. Since no eyelid skin is cut, no scar is left and the downtime is very short. This process is suitable for:
  • No loose eyelid, or only a mild loose eyelid.
  • Not much subcutaneous fat under the eye
  • Young people
Suturing may become unstable in the future, but circumstances permitting and depending on the needs, permanent double-eyelids may be done by re-suturing or surgical treatment.
Double-eyelid creases are created through surgical cutting in the anticipated area, and by fixing the creases on the levator muscles to form permanent double eyelids. The surgical approach can create a deeper and permanent effect. It’s suitable for:
  • Loose eyelids, swelling and fatty eyelids
  • People having undergone the wiring treatment
  • Elder people
Surgical treatment is necessary if you want to correct your double eyelids with Mongolian fold (skin folds of the eyelids covering the inner corners of the eyes).

Double eyelid laser surgery
Our clinics have also adopted state-of-the-art double eyelids laser surgery which yields natural effect with shorter downtime. It is advised to adopt laser surgery upon recommendation by our medical practitioners basing on their diagnosis and evaluation, since the appropriateness of the surgery depends on the patient's eyelid conditions.

The three treatment approaches mentioned above are highly safe, causing no impact on the patient’s vision; and there are few, if any, instances of bleeding or inflammation.

People should not rely on certain beauty salons’ claims that they can offer a permanent double eyelid surgery with no downtime. To get guaranteed results and for the sake of safety, please consult your professional cosmetic surgeon in advance.

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* Information available on this web page is for reference only. The approach of treatments may vary since factors affecting health, as well as health conditions of an individual, may differ from one another. Please consult your registered medical practitioners for professional advice before selecting and receiving any treatment.